Register for Viva Eclectika 2021

Viva Eclectika will be held on Saturday August 14 2021! To enter the 2021 contest, please review the following information carefully and then submit your registration using the form at the bottom of the page. Registrations close 18 June 2021. If you would like to register to help as a volunteer, please click here for the register interest form. If you would rather fill in a paper form, you can download this form in pdf or Word (docx) format here.

Entry Requirements

To enter the 2021 event, groups must observe the following:

  1. Each dance is to be registered as a joint entry from at least two different cultural groups which may be from the same school, organization or society.
  2. The dance is from a minimum of two of the following categories but not from two cultures within the same category. For example, it may be: Asian + African+ European but not Chinese + Japanese + Korean.
Asian African Australian Canadian European Latin American
Middle -Eastern New Zealand-Tangata Whenua North American Pacific Island Russian Other
  1. The dance shows at least two cultures which are distinctively different.
    • No less than 30% of the number of performers in the group should be portraying a culture
  2. At least one performer is from each of the cultures portrayed in the dance.
  3. Number of performers per dance item: Minimum: 8. Maximum: 35
  4. Length of dance item (4-6 minutes) which includes the verbal introduction (2 mins maximum)
  5. A group must consist of no more than 10% professional dancers. A professional is defined to be an individual whose primary profession is dance
  6. A dancer must perform in only 1 item during the Viva Eclectika 2020 event
  7. If a cup is won, a nominated representative from the combined group must hold the cup until the following Viva Eclectika event, and may be called on to present the cup to the new winners at that following event

Judging Criteria

The following criteria will be used by the judges to grade the performance (total 100 points):

  1. Spoken Introduction – 5 points
  • Clear introduction on how the dance captures the spirit of Viva Eclectika.
  1. Choreography and Culture – 60 points
  • The theme portrayed in the dance captures the spirit of Viva Eclectika – 15 points
  • Intercultural unity is cleverly and creatively portrayed – 30 points
  • Creative and impressive choreography, appeals to a general audience – 15 points
  • Guideline: Do not simply present different dances one after the other, or highlight dancers from one culture whilst others watch. There needs to be a creative fusion of cultures in the dance which inspires respect in diversity and unity. Groups that have an even mix of performers from each of the cultures being portrayed will likely score more points in this category.
  1. Costumes – 15 points
  • Reflect the cultures in the dance and are impressive.
  1. Music and Special Effects – 15 points
  • Are appropriate and effective – 5 points
  • Includes live music and/or special effects to enhance presentation – 5 points
  • Effective use of lighting – 5 points
  1. Audience Vote – 5 points

The Judges are independent of the New Zealand-Asia Association and their decision on the night is final.

Please ensure that you have read the entry and judging criteria thoroughly before submitting your registration! If you have any questions please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

The registration fee is $80 per combined group. Once we have received your entry we will be in touch with payment options.

Entry Form

Please fill in the form below and we’ll respond as soon as possible to confirm your entry! If you have any questions about the form please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

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